Conversion Formulas and Charts
And Miscellaneous Info You May Find Useful

Fahrenheit to Celsius Conversion Formula                                                     Meters to Feet Conversion Formula
F - 32 x 5 divided by 9 = C                                                                          M x 3.281 = Ft

Celsius to Fahrenheit Conversion Formula                                                     Feet to Meters Conversion Formula
C x 9 divided by 5 + 32 = F                                                                         Ft divided by 3.281 = M

The chart below shows how air pressure decreases with altitude,
calculated with sea level pressure being 100%

Air Pressure Chart

These two wind chill charts show the new one, that has been the
standard since November 2001, and the old one for comparison.

Wind Chill Chart
Old Wind Chill Chart