Extraterrestrial Mountains

Alien Landscape

Yeah, that's right! I said "Extraterrestrial Mountains." There are many known mountains on our moon, other planets and their adjacent orbiting satellites (moons). Most of these mountains are volcanic in origin or formed by the ejecta from large impact craters. Others, however, appear to have formed by tectonic activity similar to that of our own planet Earth.

Because extraterrestrial bodies have no oceans (obviously), the elevation of mountains is given above average terrain or above the mean planetary radius. Here we're going to discuss some of them, including Olympus Mons, the tallest known mountain in the solar system.

Click each one below to learn more. 


Mons Huygens 
Mons Hadley 
Mons Bradley 


Olympus Mons 
Ascraeus Mons 
Arsia Mons 
Pavonis Mons 


Maxwell Montes 


The Equatorial Ridge 


Boosaule Montes 
Tohil Mons

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