First Aid Kit

Having a first aid kit with you on all your adventure trips is critical for safety in the mountains. A kit should be easily packable, easy to access, and well organized so you can actually find what you need when you need it.

Below is a list of the things you should have in a basic safety kit, if you want to pack your own. But I highly recommend that you buy one already made up by Adventure Medical Kits, in order to learn what each item is for and how to use it for any given medical situation.

Also it's important to remember that "first aid" is just that — FIRST AID — and there are very few things cured with just the help of a kit. However, they can help stabalize a patient long enough for evacuation, so always have one handy. And of course the nature and duration of your trip will determine what you take and how much.

So, if you don't want to pack your own, check out the variety of ready-made kits that are available, to see what will best fit your particular needs. One more thing: Make sure all the items of your medical kit are sealed in a waterproof container, and that none of the items are outdated.


sterile gauze pads

pair of nitrile gloves


duct tape


safety pins





antiseptic wipes

triple antibiotic ointment

alcohol swabs


wound closure strips

athletic tape

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