Puncak Jaya (Carstensz Pyramid)

The highest point on the continent of islands known as Oceania is Puncak Jaya, rising to 16,024 feet (4,884 m.) on the tropical island of New Guinea.

The mountain is high and wet enough to support some small glaciers, though only four degrees from the equator. The first recorded climb of the mountain was in 1962 by a team led by the Austrian climber, Heinrich Harrer and three companions.

Since that time — and especially since interest has developed in "the Seven Summits" — it has been climbed many times.

Europeans have long called this peak the Carstenz Pyramid, or Mount Carstenz, after a Dutch navigator who first sighted it in 1623. The Indonesians call the peak "Puncak-Jaya" or "Mount Victory."
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