The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains

The Atlas Mountains are a range extending 1,500 miles across northwestern Africa. They run from Cape Guir on the Atlantic Ocean to Cape Bon on the Mediterranean Sea. The range crosses part of Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. These mountains were named after Atlas, the Greek Titan.

These mountains are made up of several chains that run from southwest to northeast. The southern chains are the Grand or High Atlas, the Atlas and the Anti-Atlas in Morocco, and the Saharan Atlas in Algeria. The highest peaks include Jbel Toubkal at 13,671 feet (4,167 m.) and Djebel Ighil M’Goun which is 13,356 feet (4,071 m.) in Morocco.

Plant life of the northern regions resembles that of Mediterranean Europe. Esparto, or alfa grass, grows in the shotts (plateaus). Only scrubby vegetation grows on the southern slopes.
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