Encyclopedia of Everything Mountains

A glaciated peak rising high above the brown Tibetan Plateau; the heavily forested mountains of Central America; or the Rockies rising abruptly out of the open prairie --

the high peaks in the distance have always drawn humans toward them for many reasons: scientific, recreational, or just plain adventure.

mount logan
However, the importance of the world's high places reaches far beyond what most people may realize.

For example, they form a natural barrier of protection for the world's wilderness areas.

The natural rugged topography resists the encroachment of human activity, thus supplying pristine areas for the origin of fresh water, clean air, a safe haven for the world's endangered wildlife, etc.

Also these high peaks have a great impact on world climate cycles.

So whether you're a mountain junky like me, or someone looking for critical information before traveling to a high altitude environment, or a student working on a research paper.

Whatever your reason, it is our goal to provide the most comprehensive info on the Earth's high places, as well as some from extraterrestrial bodies, to be found anywhere on the Net.

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